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Turning data into actionable insights

Make faster, more confident decisions – with the most advanced data based analytics services on the market today.

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For businesses that aren’t satisfied by good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results.

Marketing Analytics

Multi-channel marketing strategy
Pricing and promotion strategy Campaign management
Media mix modeling

Customer Analytics

Customer segmentation
Lifetime value User experience modeling Loyalty/attrition modeling

Product Analytics

Product Mix
Product Segmentation
Mix basket analysis
Product Promotional Offers

Social media Analytics

Ad Spend Analytics
Ad Performance Analytics
Social Engagement Analytics
User Forcasting

Store Analytics

Best Stores & Practices
Staffing Optimization
Loss Prevention
Performance forecasting

Support Analytics

Best Manpower solutions
Training analytics
Call center analytics
Help desk Analytics

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Key Benefits

Reimagined visibility

The ability to align business planning with execution – through the unique intersection of collaborative planning, machine learning and advanced analytical capabilities.

Insights beyond bias

Get deeper insights with less effort with our analytics services. Learn about customers, your marketing ROI and next business opportunity to grow your business.

Precise decisions

Act decisively with rich, contextual-information. Machine-Learning, and an industry leading enterprise data foundation, delivers the right insight, at the right place, at the right time.

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Rishikesh mishra

Director – Marketing

Vijay KaWale

Director – Technology

Shubhra Pandey

Director – Human Capital

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